Variables are what give templates their superpowers. In order to create a dynamic document from your data, you need to tell the Documint where to put that data in the document. This is where variables come in. Variables are the placeholders for the data that will later be merged into a template.

Adding Variables to your template

To add a Variable to your template, locate the “Variables” panel on the right side of the Template Designer. Click the “+ New Variable” button.

A dialog box will pop-up with an input area for you to enter the name of your Variable (see #1 below). As you start typing you will see the Variable token being generated in a yellow box below the input (see #2 below). After you’ve entered the name of the Variable, click on the yellow box to copy the Variable token to your clipboard.

Once you click the yellow box, the pop-up will close and the token will be copied to your clipboard.

Next, paste the copied token into a Text Element in your template. If you don’t have a Text Element in your template already, simply add one by dragging it from the Elements Panel on the left of the Designer onto the Canvas.

After you add the Variable to the template you will see that it will now appear in the “Variables” panel. All of the Variables that have been added to your template will be listed here.

Learn how to test template Variable